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Floor Cloths

Floor Cloths, also known as canvas carpets date back to the 14th century and were used by our forefathers. These early American settlers were the original recyclers when they re-purposed worn sails as floor coverings to cover their dirt floors or to stop drafts from wooden floor boards. They painted and varnished these sails with elaborate designs that reproduced carpets seen in Europe.

LPC Canvas Design can provide you with graphic illustrations that are done on cotton canvas. These pieces can be used as floor cloths or wall hangings. If used as a wall hanging, a rod pocket can be attached.

As a wall hanging, they provide a portable, moveable alternative to a painted wall mural and have been found to be especially useful in a nursery or child's room. A painted wall mural can be very expensive and non retrievable in the event that the homeowner moves to another residence or a room change is required. The painted wall hanging or floor cloth can be simply rolled up and taken to its new home or room.

The painting media is acrylic paint and each piece is finished with 5 coats of durable polyurethane that will hold up to pets, children, food spills, and cleaning. This type of artwork is very durable and will withstand all the use given it if used as a floor covering.

Additionally, they could be a great option for a home where allergies are a concern. They are perfect for any room in the house…kitchen, dining, living, bedroom and also have been made for and used on sailboat and motor yachts.

Sizes and pricing are based on your customized requirements.

Floor Cloth Care Guide

1-Unroll and place on a hard surface. It may take up to 48 hours for it to relax completely. -Do NOT fold your floor cloth…creases may cause it to crack. If it needs to be moved or mailed, it should be rolled up around a tube with the painted side out.

2-Secure it to the floor so that it will not slide, especially the outside edges. Mounting putty, poster adhesive or double-sided carpet tape can be used. I also like a sticky backed pad that can be purchased at big box home stores like Lowes.

3-Clean with warm water to rinse thoroughly. Once wet, the floor cloth may initially appear to be milky, but that should disappear as soon as it is dry again.

4-In a heavily trafficked area, a reapplication of the polyurethane may be required every few years or so.

Call or email if you have questions and for instructions on submitting an order.